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Turnbull's weak media reform plans aren't fit for the modern age

Media, Telecommunications and IT Unit | Chris Berg
The Drum 11th November, 2015

One of the pleasant things about being prime minister, I suppose, would be pursuing your own little hobby horses. Especially when those hobby...

Coalition boycott of ABC's Q&A program long overdue

Ideas & Liberty | Patrick Hannaford
The Age 6th July, 2015

It took an editorial disaster for the Coalition to boycott Q&A, but it was a decision that should have been made long ago. Following Zaky...

Give taxpayers a say in how ABC is funded

Ideas & Liberty | Patrick Hannaford
Herald Sun 2nd July, 2015

There has been understandable outrage over Q&A's decision to provide a media platform to an alleged terrorist sympathiser. It even prompted...

Is the looming internet filter justified? Not yet

Legal Rights Project | Chris Berg
The Drum 5th May, 2015

Is intellectual property "property"? Kinda. Sorta. Not really. That question might seem a bit abstract, on par with...

Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull's metadata move will aid regulators, not security

Legal Rights Project | Chris Berg
Australian Financial Review 17th March, 2015

The Abbott government has rightly focused on red tape reduction and deregulation. But Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull could well preside...

Retain our privacy, not our data

Ideas & Liberty | Chris Berg
The Drum 25th February, 2015

Australian Federal Police Assistant Commissioner Tim Morris told an audience at the weekend that "those with nothing to hide have nothing to fear"....

Charlie challenges the Coalition

Freedom of Speech | John Roskam
Australian Financial Review 16th January, 2015

Charlie Hebdo changes everything and nothing. The cover of the latest edition of the magazine features a caricature of Muhammad. That cover has...

The inability to handle criticism shows weakness

Freedom of Speech | Chris Berg
The Drum 13th January, 2015

In his discussion of religion in Dialogues Between ABC, the great French writer Voltaire makes a simple point about freedom of speech. "If a...

The world needs more internet freedom, not less

Media, Telecommunications and IT Unit | Mikayla Novak
Canberra Times 27th December, 2014

To keep the Internet as the socially empowering and productivity-boosting tool it is today, we should guard against government attacks on internet...

Scorched earth as the ABC defends its digital empire

Ideas & Liberty | James Paterson
Australian Financial Review 26th November, 2014

ABC managing director Mark Scott's response to the Abbott government's funding cuts demonstrates exactly why the public broadcaster is long overdue...