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Je suis Bill Leak

Freedom of Speech | Matthew Lesh
Spiked 20th October, 2016

The idea that a cartoonist should be answerable to a government body for making a political point is yet another low in the use of Section 18C of...

Way too much fuss over a simple T-shirt

Nanny State | Georgina Downer
The Age 7th September, 2016

This week Target became the latest target of the politically correct warriors. Target's crime of political correctness was to sell a T-shirt. A...

The Greens soft drinks tax: illiberal, ineffective, regressive

Nanny State | Matthew Lesh
The Spectator Australia 22nd June, 2016

This Greens' proposed soft drink tax is not only an affront to individual choice, it would do little to address obesity and, in practice, amounts...

Are the Panama Papers really such a scandal?

Nanny State | Chris Berg
The Drum 12th April, 2016

What, exactly, is the scandal with the Panama Papers? You might have read in Time that it "could lead to capitalism's great crisis" and the...

University debate around 'settlement v invasion' of Australia is creating 'bubble-wrapped' students

Ideas & Liberty | Matthew Lesh
Herald Sun 31st March, 2016

Australian university students are shutting down ideas, covering themselves in bubble wrap, for fear that they be made to feel uncomfortable or...

If you're worried about privacy, you should worry about the 2016 census

Legal Rights Project | Chris Berg
The Drum 16th March, 2016

If you blinked, you missed it. On December 18 last year, the Australia Bureau of Statistics announced that at the 2016 census in August it would,...

Is cultural appropriation the bogeyman it's made out to be?

Nanny State | Chris Berg
The Drum 22nd December, 2015

A spectre is haunting the planet: the spectre of cultural appropriation. To appropriate symbols from cultures that are not one's own is apparently...

Alcohol and the nanny state inquiry: This isn't just about money

Nanny State | Chris Berg
The Drum 14th October, 2015

It's one of the most cited numbers in Australian politics: alcohol costs Australia $36 billion every year in preventable death, illness, inquiry...

A single drink puts media over the limit

Nanny State | Chris Berg
The Drum 20th April, 2015

Tony Abbott skolled a beer this weekend. The Australian press made sure this skol received the hyperbolic, wall-to-wall coverage it deserved. No...

New bullying watchdog takes nanny state too far

Legal Rights Project | Simon Breheny
The Australian 17th April, 2015

Two weeks ago a new bill was passed into law that gives a government bureaucrat the power to force children to apologise to one another. The new...