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The TPP isn't the bogey-treaty that we think it is

Trade & IP Unit | Chris Berg
The Drum 16th June, 2015

The debate about the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) has gotten far, far ahead of itself. On Friday morning, the US House of Representatives voted...

Abbott deserves only praise for embracing free trade

Trade & IP Unit | Chris Berg
The Drum 18th November, 2014

The economics of trade can be a little counter-intuitive. This is no more so than for its central lesson, which is this: the benefits of tariff...

Bilateral trade deals simply a political plaything

Economics & Deregulation and Trade & IP Unit | Chris Berg
The Drum 15th April, 2014

Bilateral free trade agreements are political confidence tricks. Far from encouraging trade liberalisation, the trade negotiation process holds it...

Repeal the economic vandalism crippling shipping

Economics & Deregulation | Aaron Lane
The Australian 11th January, 2014

Anti-competitive coastal shipping laws have existed in Australia for more than a century. While recent changes have made the laws worse, we...

It's not just about trade deals but also reforms at home

Trade & IP Unit | Tim Wilson
Australian Financial Review 10th October, 2013

Tony Abbott is broadly on the right trade track, but may find more success in unilateral liberalisation than waiting for other countries to step up...

Yes we can... with exceptions, qualifications and requirements

Trade & IP Unit | Chris Berg
The Drum 23rd November, 2011

Barack Obama told the Australian Parliament last Thursday that our country and his are "among the most open economies on Earth". This is true, as...

Free trade tied up in knots

Trade & IP Unit | John Roskam
The Australian Financial Review 18th November, 2011

We should welcome the fact that Australia will be the shower head capital of the world thanks to what happened in Honolulu a few days ago. Leaders...

Free trade reform must look beyond tariffs

Trade & IP Unit | Tim Wilson
The Drum 2nd November, 2011

The Gillard Government's recent rhetoric on free trade deserves praise. Now they have to deliver. At a CHOGM business forum last week the Prime...

Why doubt free trade with China?

Trade & IP Unit | Chris Berg
The Drum 27th October, 2011

On Wednesday Tony Abbott told The Age that he would make a free trade agreement with China less of a priority than one with Japan - because China,...

Protecting industries and living standards

Trade & IP Unit | Alan Moran
Herald Sun 16th September, 2011

Free trade provides the cheapest goods and services for the consumer and increases real living standards. But pressures for increased industry...