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Furniture, rent-seeking and the problem with laws

Ideas & Liberty | Chris Berg
The Drum 1st March, 2016

The current debate over furniture design and intellectual property is a symptom of the wider problem we face when vested interests take hold and...

Coalition in murky waters in hunt for online pirates

Ideas & Liberty and Media, Telecommunications and IT Unit | Chris Berg
The Drum 10th June, 2014

One of the quickest ways for a company to cut costs is outsourcing. Even better when you can have the Government do your outsourcing for you. This...

Free speech: Hicks should keep his memoir profits

Governance & Service Provision, Ideas & Liberty and Freedom of Speech | Chris Berg
The Drum Unleashed 10th August, 2011

David Hicks should be able to keep the profits from his memoir. The law which confiscates literary proceeds of crime is a bad law. It's a bad law...

It's Friday. Are you even aware of what else today is?

Trade & IP Unit | Tim Wilson
The Punch 6th May, 2011

Most of us should be pretty happy it's Friday - even if it means the end of Tourette Syndrome Awareness Week. (Tourette Syndrome is never, ever...

Be afraid: criminal counterfeiting is on the rise

Trade & IP Unit | Tim Wilson
The Drum 5th May, 2011

In between the death of one of the world's best known unregistered trademarks being assassinated by the US and the copyright commons text of the...

Trademark rights to extinguish plain packaging bill?

Trade & IP Unit | Tim Wilson
The Drum Unleashed 12th April, 2011

The content of the government's release on the draft plain packaging Bill offers few surprises. The government thinks stripping tobacco products of...

Plain packaging ploy likely to go up in smoke

Economics & Deregulation, Trade & IP Unit, Health and Nanny State | Tim Wilson
The Australian 30th April, 2010

Turning public debate from the failed emissions trading scheme to universally despised tobacco emissions is a media masterstroke from Kevin Rudd,...

A patent Copenhagen solution

Trade & IP Unit and Climate Change | Tim Wilson
Mint 17th December, 2009

India's negotiating position on intellectual property (IP) at the Copenhagen climate change conference might be good politics, but it's unlikely to...

Copenhagen Summit And World Trade

Trade & IP Unit and Climate Change | Tim Wilson
EGov Monitor 14th December, 2009

Any agreement from the Copenhagen climate change conference is likely to amplify the ‘green' threat to wealth-creating free trade that is...

Not the Voice to Sell Our Values

Media, Telecommunications and IT Unit and Trade & IP Unit | Tim Wilson
The Australian 10th November, 2009

In last Thursday's Bruce Allen Memorial Lecture, ABC managing director Mark Scott called for a significant expansion of the ABC as a global media...