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Budget 2017: Energy Policy's Gushing Wounds Won't Be Fixed With A Mop And Bucket

Energy | Brett Hogan
The Spectator Australia 12th May, 2017

If you had a wound that was gushing blood onto the floor and your doctor prescribed a mop and bucket, you'd ask where he got his practicing...

Like It Or Not, Coal Is Still King

Energy | Brett Hogan
The Spectator Australia 23rd March, 2017

On Wednesday, Greenpeace, the Sierra Club and CoalSwarm released the 2017 edition of Boom and Bust: Tracking the Global Coal Plant Pipeline, a...

Strip Greens of pointless funding

Energy | Daniel Wild
Courier Mail 5th October, 2016

After years of litigation, environmental activists have been dealt a terrible intellectual and legal blow by the Queensland Supreme Court:...

WA Labor's uranium ban sells the state short

Energy | Daniel Wild
The Spectator Australia 14th September, 2016

According to WA Labor's Plan for Jobs, ‘a McGowan Labor Government will free business from the burden of poor regulations'. Yet if elected WA...

Energy ministers need to facilitate, not limit, consumer choices

Energy | Brett Hogan
Australian Financial Review 19th August, 2016

As the nation's Energy Ministers prepare for Friday's meeting in Canberra to discuss how to "ensure energy markets remain stable and secure" it...

Fossil fuels are good business for universities

Energy | Matthew Lesh
Brisbane Times 28th April, 2016

Australian universities divesting from fossil fuels is costly, ineffective, and ultimately bad for students. In recent weeks divestment protesters...

Projects like Adani's are vital to lift India's millions out of poverty

Energy | Brett Hogan
The Courier Mail 13th October, 2015

Recent comments by India's Energy Minister Piyush Goyal should be compulsory reading for opponents of both the proposed Adani coal mine in the...

Regulatory thicket exacts a high price

Energy | Mikayla Novak
Canberra Times 25th July, 2015

It's not just miners who are stung by regulatory settings. As the ongoing Liverpool Plains coal mine saga illustrates, regulators are frustrating...

There's no 'war on wind', just MPs doing their job

Energy | Chris Berg
The Drum 14th July, 2015

There was a lot of heat in the debate about the Clean Energy Finance Corporation over the weekend, but not much light. On Sunday, Fairfax papers...

It's unchristian to oppose coal-generated power

Energy | Father James Grant
The Australian 10th July, 2015

The choice of Naomi Klein to lead a high-level Vatican conference on the environment shows Pope Francis is not shying away from the criticism...