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To Populate or Perish?

| Ron Brunton
Herald Sun 28th December, 1998

If you have been lying awake worrying about the population explosion, you can finally get a good night's sleep. Not only is the 'explosion' fizzing...

Gift Giving an Annual Ordeal

| Ron Brunton
Courier Mail 19th December, 1998

At this stage in your Christmas shopping, you may not be surprised to learn that in some Germanic languages closely related to English, the word...

Media Regulators Consistently Sell Australians Short

Economics & Deregulation and Media, Telecommunications and IT Unit | Michael Warby
The West Australian 12th December, 1998

also published in Canberra Times, 17 December 1998 If anyone wants examples of how politicians and bureaucrats can make things worse, then the...

Politics Without Consent

| Gary Johns
Courier Mail 11th December, 1998

Think about it. Why would a government want a Bill of Rights. Perhaps it does not trust to the future an Opposition that may make decisions...

Defusing the Population Explosion

| Michael Warby
Courier Mail 5th December, 1998

also published in The Age, 28 December 1998 For the past fifty years humanity has been haunted by the spectre of overpopulation. Doomsayers warn...

Why We Should Have More Casinos and Gaming Machines

Economics & Deregulation | Alan Moran
The Age 27th November, 1998

Spending on gaming appears to have grown rapidly over recent years. Part of this may be due to the recording of previously illegal activity....

Quiggin wrong over foodless GST

| Michael Warby
Michael Warby, Australian Fina 26th November, 1998

Footnote: John Quiggin's contributions to these pages show a remarkable tendency to coincide with the policy line of the Australian Democrats. His...

The Economic Stimulus of Reform

| Mike Nahan
Herald Sun 21st November, 1998

Why is the Australian economy doing so well? Everyone---including myself---thought that we would be knocked for six by the Asian crisis. Yet, we...

Make ACCC Show a Proposed Merger is Harmful

Economics & Deregulation | Alan Moran
The Australian 10th November, 1998

Last month, Don Mackay, the Chairman of Wattyl Paints, used the platform of his Annual General Meeting to criticise the ACCC for preventing his...

Casualties of Truth

| Ron Brunton
Courier Mail 7th November, 1998

In 1967, bored with life on the ship that was taking me to England, I disembarked at Cape Town and spent the following six months hitchhiking...

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