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Democrats Played for the Black Grievance Vote

| Ron Brunton
Courier Mail 23rd December, 2000

To hear some prominent black Americans tell it, Texas governor George W. Bush's presidential victory for the Republican Party represents a return...

Electricity Privatisation: the Deal of the Century

Energy | Mike Nahan
Herald Sun 16th December, 2000

Last week's sale of the giant Yallourn generator underlines how great a deal the Kennett/ Stockdale Government got for Victorian taxpayer. In March...

Looking for a new way

| Michael Warby
Canberra Times 16th December, 2000

Does social democracy require multiculturalism? If one were to cite the most successful social democracies, it is a fair bet that the states of...

NSW Power Setup Risks Shortages

Energy | Alan Moran
Australian Financial Review 11th December, 2000

Californian electricity consumers are currently experiencing rolling blackouts and brownouts. The Californian problems stem from a lack of new...

Landmark Native Title Agreement an Eye-opener

| Ron Brunton
Courier Mail 9th December, 2000

Does Australia really have anything to fear from successful native title claims? Last week the Federal Court ratified a negotiated native title...

The Best Books of 2000 [Extract]

| Ron Brunton
Courier Mail 2nd December, 2000

American critics of the left-liberal consensus on social issues that is prevalent in English-speaking Western nations rarely receive much attention...

Popular Support Not Required

| Michael Warby
Adelaide Review 1st December, 2000

Some questions to test your understanding of recent Australian history: which was the first major Australian political party to adopt...

We Think We Have Electoral Problems

| Ron Brunton
Courier Mail 25th November, 2000

The stakes were not as high of course, but fifteen years ago an Australian state faced an election result that bears some comparison to America's...

The Meaningless Emancipation of Aborigines

| Gary Johns
The Australian 21st November, 2000

The failure of the Yalanji people of the Cape York region to return to their native land is symptomatic of a larger Aboriginal problem. Aboriginal...

The Dismissal---25th Anniversary

| Ron Brunton
Courier Mail 11th November, 2000

Today is the twenty-fifth anniversary of the dismissal of Gough Whitlam's Labor government by the then Governor-General, Sir John Kerr. This...

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