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All is Positive on the Population Front

| Mike Nahan
Herald Sun 22nd December, 2001

Population has been synonymous with crisis for so long, it is little wonder that Australians are concerned about the level and pattern of...

The Quiet Destroyer

Work Reform and Productivity Unit | Mike Nahan
Herald Sun 8th December, 2001

Globalisation is steadily turning our IR system into a quiet job-destruction machine. Ours is an adversarial system based on periodic, no...

Fox-Lew Bid Could Present Wider Dangers to IR Reform

Work Reform and Productivity Unit | Alan Moran
Australian Financial Review 1st December, 2001

The Fox-Lew proposals for Ansett would take us forward to the past. There was a time when each Australian manufacturing industry was granted a...

Desirability of Regulating Political Parties

| Gary Johns
Agenda 1st December, 2001

Available in PDF only.

In the Supermarket of the Soul, Not all Aisles Lead to Christ

| Ron Brunton
Courier Mail 24th November, 2001

One of the nice things about our multicultural and ecumenical society is that an irreligious Jew like myself can comment on disputes within the...

Look for Strength in the Mainstream

| Gary Johns
The Australian 22nd November, 2001

When Australians voted overwhelmingly in favour of the 1967 Referendum, it is inconceivable that they wanted Aborigines to develop separately from...

Labor's Reform Must Heed the

| Gary Johns
Courier Mail 22nd November, 2001

The ALP may have won the Federal election had the tragic events of September 11 and the arrival of Tampa's cargo of illegal immigrants not...

Liberals search for their own Third Way

| John Roskam
Australian Financial Review 15th November, 2001

No doubt Labor's campaign strategists thought it was a good idea at the time to put to air an advertisement claiming that a vote for John Howard...

IR is Destroying Value

Work Reform and Productivity Unit | Mike Nahan
Herald Sun 12th November, 2001

We are set to lose one of our largest and more prospective wool-processing firms. Feltex Australia---the largest local manufacturer of carpets,...

IR is Killing the Food Industry

Work Reform and Productivity Unit | Mike Nahan
Herald Sun 10th November, 2001

The industrial relations system is killing the food manufacturing industry. Over the last sixteen months, fourteen food processing plants have...

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