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Aged Care

| Mike Nahan
Herald Sun 30th December, 2002

Few issues occupy the minds of baby boomers more than ageing. The concern is not just with our own mortality and retirement, but also about what to...

An Enterprising Struggle: the Capacity to Manage Index

Work Reform and Productivity Unit | Mike Nahan
Herald Sun 28th December, 2002

In the mid-1980s, considerable community debate began on a reform agenda for the Australian industrial relations system. A central agreed principle...

Melbourne's Private Transport Move Just the Ticket

| Alan Moran
Australian Financial Review 18th December, 2002

Public transport is seldom analysed with the same detachment seen with other service industries. Its shortcomings have a high public profile and...

Victorian Libs must not give in to expediency

| Alan Stockdale
The Age 13th December, 2002

Probably no set of ideas will ever completely dominate an Australian political party, still less a government. Nor will any victory last forever....

The Big Dry ... Our Saviour

| John Hyde
The Australian 10th December, 2002

Australia is today's true miracle economy. In the past decade, our economy has gone from strength to strength. After weathering the 1997-98 Asian...

Unions Celebrate Their Past Amid Questions Over Their Future

Work Reform and Productivity Unit | Ken Phillips
Australian Financial Review 1st December, 2002

Any business operating for 75 years deserves to be proud of achieving that milestone. And as a holder of this badge of longevity the ACTU can...

Bracks' Luck Will Be a Test

| Mike Nahan
Australian Financial Review 19th November, 2002

Steve Bracks is a lucky politician, but has he worked hard enough to sustain his luck? Arguable not, and he will be sorely tested if he wins...

Green Power Riddled by Perilous Politics and Specious Economics

Energy | Alan Moran
The Age 18th November, 2002

The politics of energy is a heady brew. Two weeks ago, Candy Broad, the Energy Minister, announced measures designed to suppress electricity price...

Bracks Fails the IR Test

Work Reform and Productivity Unit | Mike Nahan
Herald Sun 16th November, 2002

The Bracks Government is facing an economic and electoral disaster in Melton. It walked the Japanese firm - Saizeriya - into inter-union battle and...

Paper 13 Challenges Labour Law

Work Reform and Productivity Unit | Ken Phillips
Australian Financial Review 6th November, 2002

Ask almost anyone involved in the Australian construction industry what outcome they expect from the Cole Royal Commission and they will reply...

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