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Tracking aid dollars

| Don D'Cruz
Canberra Times 31st December, 2004

The war on terror has brought renewed focus on nation- building and is becoming a part of the West's efforts to deny terrorists sanctuary in failed...

Take care if it's a charity

| Don D'Cruz
The Herald Sun 28th December, 2004

With the holiday season upon us, it is time when we not only think of friends and family but spare a thought for those less fortunate, and give to...

The resource blessing

| Mike Nahan
Herald-Sun 25th December, 2004

This is a season of real joy for all. The Australian economy continues to perform at a steady, rapid clip generating record numbers of jobs and...

Environmentalism is now political

Food & Environment | Jennifer Marohasy
The Land 23rd December, 2004

The year 2004 may be remembered as the year that environmentalism became accepted as a political reality rather than as an ecological imperative....

Resist protection in all guises

| Alan Moran
Australian Financial Review 22nd December, 2004

Silicon, copper tubes, polyethylene structural steel and washing machines are among 40 products presently subject to dumping investigations or...

Greens were the other big losers in 2004

| Don D'Cruz
Canberra Times 20th December, 2004

As parliament went into recess earlier this month, leadership speculation continues to swirl around the Labor leadership of Mark Latham. But...

IPA smear claim replaces debate

| Mike Nahan
Australian Financial Review 17th December, 2004

Graham Tupper ('IPA's smear on aid dollars', AFR December 14) pursues the well-worn path of smearing rather debating. Contrary to Tupper, the IPA's...

Aid Benefits Indonesian Activists

| Mike Nahan
Australian Financial Review 14th December, 2004

Official aid agencies have increasingly being plying non-government organizations (NGOs) with money and influence in Indonesia and elsewhere hoping...

Right or left, it comes down to social capital

| John Roskam
Australian Financial Review 12th December, 2004

Over the Christmas break, John Howard and Mark Latham will both be contemplating the same question - what's next? The process of economic reform...

Cost of Kyoto is still rising

Food & Environment | Alan Moran
Herald Sun 11th December, 2004

Last Tuesday, as the Victorian Government was launching its Greenhouse Challenge for Energy, the Economic Adviser to Russian President Putin was...

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