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The real cost of global warming

Energy | Alan Moran
The Herald Sun 29th December, 2007

Kevin Rudd made quite a splash at the recent Bali Conference -- the latest chapter of the continuous global warming gabfest. The conference was the...

Xmas buying is full of spirit

Ideas & Liberty | Chris Berg
The Age 23rd December, 2007

Before the three wise men went to visit Jesus at his birth, they first had to visit the gold, frankincense and myrrh traders. Retailers have been...

Strangled by regulation

| Chris Berg
Business Spectator 20th December, 2007

It is unfortunate that the first act of the new minister for deregulation was to enact the latest tranche of the federal anti-money laundering and...

Review of 'The Shock of the Old: Technology and Global History since 1900'

| Chris Berg
Policy Magazine 20th December, 2007

Hyperbole is one of the byproducts of technology. Writers soaked in the spirit of futurism proclaim new technologies are 'paradigm shifting,'...

Culture wars are good for society

| John Roskam
The Age 19th December, 2007

Since it lost the federal election, the Liberal Party has had lots of advice -- much of it useless or self-interested. One of the more useless...

Stars in the Net sky

| Chris Berg
The Age 16th December, 2007

Is the internet making us stupid? That, at least, is the conclusion of Doris Lessing, this year's winner of the Nobel prize for literature. In her...

They're all pushing the same trolley

| Alan Moran
The Herald Sun 15th December, 2007

This week the Productivity Commission reported on its inquiry into the 300,000 retail leases around Australia. The inquiry stemmed from the...

A kick in the behindsight

| John Roskam
Australian Financial Review 14th December, 2007

Politics is usually interesting and 2007 was no exception. First, what we've learned during 2007: Past performance is no guarantee of future...

Wheels have fallen off transport debate

| Alan Moran
The Age 14th December, 2007

Victorians had until today to comment on proposals for "a new legislative framework for transport in Victoria". A discussion paper inviting such...

Where the Liberals went wrong

| Chris Berg
The Geelong Advertiser 13th December, 2007

When you change the government, argued John Howard in the last few days before the election, you do change the direction of the country. Paul...

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