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Lower taxes encourage investment, expansion and employment

Economics & Deregulation and States Policy Unit | Mikayla Novak
Canberra Times 30th December, 2008

Tax competition between the states seems to be a dirty word among some economists. It is argued that a bidding war between states to lower tax...

These are taxing times for NSW business

Economics & Deregulation and The Global Financial Crisis | Mikayla Novak
Newcastle Herald 30th December, 2008

It is almost certain that the NSW Government will mark 2008 as a year best forgotten. The state witnessed political instability at the top, with...

Can Spring Street deliver on transport plan?

| Richard Allsop
The Age 29th December, 2008

In the first 24 hours after its release, the Victorian Transport Plan received generally positive coverage. However, the combination of a bad week...

Dreaming of a different kind of White Paper

Economics & Deregulation, Energy and Climate Change | Alan Moran
Herald Sun 27th December, 2008

With a pre-Christmas White Paper, the Federal Government transformed the global warming debate's focus into the introduction of a comprehensive new...

Big business should be allowed to fail

Economics & Deregulation and The Global Financial Crisis | Mikayla Novak
Adelaide Advertiser 23rd December, 2008

Across the developed world we are witnessing an outbreak of bailout mania by governments. In the U.S. and Europe, governments have injected...

Ignore meaningless public health studies? I'll drink to that

Economics & Deregulation, Health and Nanny State | Chris Berg
The Age 21st December, 2008

Before you dig into your next serve of glistening Christmas ham, rich gravy and potatoes drenched in baked fat, and before you chug another glass...

Spend cure the wrong advice for us

Economics & Deregulation and The Global Financial Crisis | Alan Moran
The Age 18th December, 2008

Kevin Rudd's announcement that he would inject a further $4.7 billion of infrastructure funding into the Australian economy brings the Federal...

Students are not cogs in a machine

Economics & Deregulation and Education | Sinclair Davidson
Australian Financial Review 17th December, 2008

The Bradley review into Australian Higher Education does not talk enough about students. The word ‘‘student'' appears many times, but...

Radical reform needed to clear up the telco mess

Media, Telecommunications and IT Unit | Chris Berg
The Age 16th December, 2008

Telstra's exclusion from the bidding process for a national broadband network reinforces how much of a fiasco Australian telecommunications policy...

Employers could be lost in dark legal tunnels

Work Reform and Productivity Unit | Ken Phillips
Australian Financial Review 16th December, 2008

Substantial commentary on the Fair Work Bill is now on the public record. Lines of division have emerged, expressed by key players in the public...

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