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Opposition to coal seam gas doesn't hold water

Economics & Deregulation, Deregulation Unit and Climate Change | Alan Moran
Sydney Morning Herald 28th December, 2011

New technology has allowed coal seam gas (CSG), previously known as the menacing cause of mine explosions, to become prominent as an energy source....

The socialist calculation debate

Economics & Deregulation | Chris Berg
The Drum 28th December, 2011

The great debate in political economy isn't between Friedrich Hayek and John Maynard Keynes, but between Friedrich Hayek and Oskar Lange. This...

The 'indispensable country' struggles to hold its place

Ideas & Liberty The Sydney Morning Herald 28th December, 2011

The year 2011 marked two very different anniversaries for the US. Ten years ago, the horrific terrorist assault on the twin towers and the Pentagon...

Convergence Review: complete, spectacular failure

Economics & Deregulation, Ideas & Liberty and Deregulation Unit | Chris Berg
The Drum 21st December, 2011

The Convergence Review "has assembled what could be a workable model for regulating the converged media environment," said Greens Senator Scott...

Why have an ABC at all?

Economics & Deregulation | Sinclair Davidson
The Drum 20th December, 2011

Alan Kohler makes an important point about the on-going Finkelstein media inquiry. It is all about making life uncomfortable for News Ltd and...

How the Red Cross virtually lost the plot

Ideas & Liberty | Chris Berg
The Age 18th December, 2011

As long as human beings have been creating fictional worlds, moralists have been denouncing their creations. But the news that the Red Cross might...

Should alcohol carry warnings?

Economics & Deregulation and Deregulation Unit | James Paterson
The Herald Sun 18th December, 2011

Proposals for government-mandated health warnings on alcohol treat Australians as if they are too stupid to look after their own health, and are...

Left's delusions laid bare

Economics & Deregulation, Ideas & Liberty and Climate Change | John Roskam
The Australian Financial Review 16th December, 2011

This year sounded the death knell for the euro, government stimulus packages and international action on climate change. The year should therefore...

Australia not as deserving of presents as it was at past Christmases

Economics & Deregulation | Richard Allsop
Online Opinion 16th December, 2011

One of the intrinsic parts of Christmas in Australia is cricket. From backyard games on the day itself, to the Boxing Day Test, it is hard to...

New technology and the call for censorship

Ideas & Liberty and Freedom of Speech | Chris Berg
The Drum 14th December, 2011

The first recorded call for press censorship wasn't for reasons of politics, or heresy, or public morality. It was to police "quality". The...

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