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Free markets better than climate faith

Ideas & Liberty | John Roskam
Australian Financial Review 30th January, 2015

It's entirely appropriate that a few weeks ago the Pope should talk about climate change. Climate change has after all become a matter of faith,...

Minimum wages and the path to poverty

Economics & Deregulation | Chris Berg
The Drum 27th January, 2015

Do minimum wages cause unemployment? The Productivity Commission intends to find out. In the words of its chief, Peter Harris, it wants to know...

The lost art of British history

Education | Stephanie Forrest
The Spectator Australia 24th January, 2015

‘There's so much that Britain has given to us', said Tony Abbott, addressing UK Prime Minister David Cameron in the House of Representatives...

Lowering GST threshold on imports would deprive consumers

Economics & Deregulation | Mikayla Novak
Canberra Times 24th January, 2015

Extending the GST on imports of low value would harm taxpayers, and do nothing to revive Australian retail fortunes. As if a broken record, the...

When is tax 'reform' actually just a tax grab?

Economics & Deregulation | Chris Berg
The Drum 20th January, 2015

The worst thing about the Abbott Government's newfound interest in reforming the GST is that it makes Kevin Rudd right. During the 2013 campaign...

Do not fear the rise of the machines

Economics & Deregulation | Mikayla Novak
Canberra Times 18th January, 2015

Australians have little to fear from a rise in automation. If anything, replacing manual labouring with machine production will continue to improve...

Charlie challenges the Coalition

Freedom of Speech | John Roskam
Australian Financial Review 16th January, 2015

Charlie Hebdo changes everything and nothing. The cover of the latest edition of the magazine features a caricature of Muhammad. That cover has...

Give cigarette pack laws the chop chop

Nanny State | Simon Breheny
The Daily Telegraph 14th January, 2015

Tobacco plain packaging laws have been an expensive, illiberal waste of time. It has restricted the right of companies to market legal products and...

Beware Google tax grabs

Economics & Deregulation | Chris Berg
The Australian 13th January, 2015

Last month, Treasurer Joe Hockey ­announced the government had "embedded" auditors in 10 ­unnamed multinational corporations to ensure they...

The inability to handle criticism shows weakness

Freedom of Speech | Chris Berg
The Drum 13th January, 2015

In his discussion of religion in Dialogues Between ABC, the great French writer Voltaire makes a simple point about freedom of speech. "If a...

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