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Forcing GST on imports doesn't stack up

Economics & Deregulation | Chris Berg
The Drum 25th August, 2015

In opposition the Coalition promised no new taxes or tax increases. On Friday Joe Hockey announced the Coalition's latest tax increase: eliminating...

Qantas turnaround delivers some useful market lessons

Economics & Deregulation | Sinclair Davidson
The Conversation 24th August, 2015

Qantas has come a long, long way since the federal government rebuffed its request for corporate welfare last year, and it moved to cut 5000 jobs....

More work needed after China free trade deal

Economics & Deregulation | Mikayla Novak
Canberra Times 22nd August, 2015

The China-Australia Free Trade Agreement is not the perfect trade liberalisation deal, but it is still a modest step forward for an economically...

Why multinationals are not avoiding Australian tax

Economics & Deregulation | Chris Berg
Australian Financial Review 21st August, 2015

The title of the interim report of the Senate economics committee inquiry into corporate tax avoidance, released this week, is "You cannot tax what...

Jeremy Corbyn shows how ideas alone can move political debate

Ideas & Liberty | John Roskam
Australian Financial Review 20th August, 2015

In Australia we've had our fair share of "unelectable" politicians get elected. As has Britain. At the moment the British Labour Party is in the...

There's nothing conservative about using the constitution as a political trick

Ideas & Liberty | Chris Berg
The Drum 18th August, 2015

The Australian constitution has one great feature. It is incredibly hard to change. This, obviously, is what Scott Morrison was thinking about when...

How UEFA's financial fair play rules are destroying football

Economics & Deregulation | Peter Gregory
The Roar 13th August, 2015

With the English Premier League kicking off last weekend, we'll no doubt hear the well-worn refrain that foreign billionaires are destroying...

Let's be honest, Question Time makes everyone look stupid

Ideas & Liberty | Chris Berg
The Drum 11th August, 2015

The importance of the speaker in Australian Parliament is wildly overstated, because the stakes of parliamentary Question Time are wildly...

Relax our borders, reap the benefits - and help millions who want a better life

Economics & Deregulation | Mikayla Novak
Canberra Times 8th August, 2015

Millions of people around the world are seeking a better life elsewhere. Australia should help by relaxing our migration restrictions. Debating the...

A Goodes reason to drop agendas

Ideas & Liberty | John Roskam
Australian Financial Review 7th August, 2015

All of the attention devoted to the consequences of some people in the crowd at an AFL game booing footballer Adam Goodes is entirely justified....

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