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Sugar tax leaves a bitter taste

Ideas & Liberty | Matthew Lesh
The Daily Telegraph 24th November, 2016

The Grattan Institute's report demanding a new sugar tax on soft drinks is a blatant insult to the Australian people. Grattan, founded by the Rudd...

Why I joined — and quit — the Australian Republican Movement

Ideas & Liberty | Evan Mulholland
The Spectator Australia 23rd November, 2016

As a long-time republican, I made the decision last year to join the Australian Republican Movement. Having spent the better part of the past...

Donald Trump vote was all about voters having a different choice

Ideas & Liberty | John Roskam
Australian Financial Review 18th November, 2016

Last Wednesday afternoon, just as it was becoming clear Donald Trump would win the US presidential election Aaron Patrick, senior writer at this...

Public service perks don't pass the pub test

Work Reform and Productivity Unit | Aaron Lane
Sydney Morning Herald 17th November, 2016

Enterprise bargaining is a two-way street. Public sector unions cannot continue to argue that well-paid public servants deserve additional...

18C repeal the only solution on freedom of speech

Ideas & Liberty | Simon Breheny
The Australian 11th November, 2016

Here's a simple idea all lawmakers should adopt: when a law is fundamentally broken, it should be repealed. Not replaced. Repealed. So it is with...

Donald Trump will lead the US in the right direction. We should take note

Ideas & Liberty | Georgina Downer
Sydney Morning Herald 10th November, 2016

Donald Trump's historic victory represents a huge opportunity for middle America. It is a rejection of liberal internationalism, political...

Brexit means Brexit – and democracy, too

Economics & Deregulation | Matthew Lesh
The Spectator Australia 7th November, 2016

The stench of elite hatred for democracy is sifting through the streets of London. The courts have ruled against the Government's ability to...

Dreamworld AGM fiasco is the sort of reason people hate corporate Australia

Ideas & Liberty | John Roskam
Australian Financial Review 4th November, 2016

What Ardent Leisure did last week says a lot about Australia's corporate culture. Two days before its scheduled annual general meeting four people...

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