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Wherefore art thou, Catholicism

Ideas & Liberty | Father James Grant
The Portal 29th February, 2016

The last few years in Australian society have been demanding and confronting times for Catholic clergy. The revulsion and odium of priestly sexual...

Liberals don Labor's clothes

Economics & Deregulation | John Roskam
Australian Financial Review 26th February, 2016

There's usually trouble when a Malcolm Turnbull-led Liberal Party has a policy indistinguishable from Labor's. There's nothing wrong with...

Healthcare reforms a better response to soaring costs than tax hikes

Economics & Deregulation | Mikayla Novak
Canberra Times 26th February, 2016

The federal government's GST agenda has failed. More voters came to realise that tax increases can't reform an expensive and increasingly...

Negative gearing changes aren't bold or courageous

Economics & Deregulation | Chris Berg
The Drum 23rd February, 2016

Why are we talking about negative gearing? The simple answer is Bill Shorten released Labor's negative gearing policy. (For better or worse, this...

The canned tomatoes war and the conspiracy against consumers

Economics & Deregulation | Chris Berg
The Drum 16th February, 2016

On Thursday last week the Turnbull Government announced it was going to impose tariffs on two brands of imported Italian canned tomatoes - Feger...

High anxiety in Liberal heartland

Ideas & Liberty | John Roskam
Australian Financial Review 12th February, 2016

The Labor Party and Liberal Party are very different these days. One of the differences between the parties can be seen in how they each treat...

Republicans can teach the Coalition about principles

Ideas & Liberty | Brett Hogan
Australian Financial Review 11th February, 2016

While many Australians are enjoying the theatre of the United States presidential primaries, the contest is revealing a vast difference between the...

Is the Government chasing growth, or just revenue?

Economics & Deregulation | Chris Berg
The Drum 9th February, 2016

How on earth did tax reform come to be seen as the great white whale of economic reform in the 21st century? The debate about whether to raise the...

We can't tax our way out of inequality, whatever Oxfam's economic fantasies suggest

Economics & Deregulation | Mikayla Novak
Canberra Times 6th February, 2016

The latest Oxfam report's prescriptions for ending global inequality would only worsen inequality by entrenching economic influence in political...

Repeal section 18C, the 'Andrew Bolt' law: it stifles free speech

Legal Rights Project | Simon Breheny
The Australian 5th February, 2016

The freedom of speech debate is about to be reignited after a complaint this week demonstrated the ongoing danger of section 18C of the Racial...

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