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University debate around 'settlement v invasion' of Australia is creating 'bubble-wrapped' students

Ideas & Liberty | Matthew Lesh
Herald Sun 31st March, 2016

Australian university students are shutting down ideas, covering themselves in bubble wrap, for fear that they be made to feel uncomfortable or...

The democratic case for splitting Queensland in two

Ideas & Liberty | Chris Berg
The Drum 29th March, 2016

"Most persons think that a state in order to be happy ought to be large," wrote Aristotle in his Politics, "but even if they are right, they have...

Turnbull's only real option was bluff and bravado

Ideas & Liberty | Chris Berg
The Drum 22nd March, 2016

If Malcolm Turnbull is bluffing about a double dissolution election, it's a very committed bluff. A dramatic bluff. A bold bluff. First, the...

Running the efficiency rule over defence spending

Economics & Deregulation | Mikayla Novak
Canberra Times 21st March, 2016

Recent commitments to dramatically increase Australian defence spending should be placed under as much scrutiny as any other roles or programs...

Pause in global temperatures ended but carbon dioxide not the cause

Climate Change | Jennifer Marohasy
On Line Opinion 21st March, 2016

There are different methods for measuring global temperatures. The satellite record as compiled by meteorologists from the University of Alabama,...

If you're worried about privacy, you should worry about the 2016 census

Legal Rights Project | Chris Berg
The Drum 16th March, 2016

If you blinked, you missed it. On December 18 last year, the Australia Bureau of Statistics announced that at the 2016 census in August it would,...

Why Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are political soulmates

Ideas & Liberty | John Roskam
Australian Financial Review 11th March, 2016

In America and around the world, many people are scratching their heads trying to explain the phenomenon of Donald Trump. In truth, they should be...

Why frequent flyers should care about interchange fees

Economics & Deregulation | Aaron Lane
Sydney Morning Herald 9th March, 2016

Frequent flyers should be concerned about the Reserve Bank of Australia's proposed changes to interchange fee regulation that specifically targets...

There's little to stop Trump wreaking havoc as president

Ideas & Liberty | Chris Berg
The Drum 8th March, 2016

The prospect of a Donald Trump presidency shouldn't be as worrying as it is. The United States constitution is specifically designed to prevent...

US voters need to beware of Sanders' false nostrums

Ideas & Liberty | Mikayla Novak
Canberra Times 5th March, 2016

Inequality issues are gaining traction in the American presidential campaign, but populist solutions threaten to make income and wealth extremes...

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