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Racial Discrimination Act: Turnbull should revisit 18C repeal case

Freedom of Speech | Simon Breheny
The Australian 29th April, 2016

If it wasn't already clear, the past few months demonstrate how firmly the issue of section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act 1975 is now...

Fossil fuels are good business for universities

Energy | Matthew Lesh
Brisbane Times 28th April, 2016

Australian universities divesting from fossil fuels is costly, ineffective, and ultimately bad for students. In recent weeks divestment protesters...

'Proactive' regulation a bad idea

Economics & Deregulation | Darcy Allen
On Line Opinion 27th April, 2016

This article was written by Darcy Allen, Research Fellow, and Jason Potts, Adjunct Fellow The Australian Securities and Investments Commission...

Turnbull's policies aren't Liberal, they're incoherent

Ideas & Liberty | Chris Berg
The Drum 26th April, 2016

It's hard not to conclude that Bill Shorten has the measure of Malcolm Turnbull. Policy after policy the Government is chasing the Opposition,...

Malcolm Turnbull's phony 'thoroughly liberal' leadership

Ideas & Liberty | John Roskam
Australian Financial Review 22nd April, 2016

In September when Malcolm Turnbull took the prime ministership he said he'd lead a "thoroughly Liberal Government". What's "thoroughly Liberal"...

Why anti-bank populism is a fundamental part of Australia's political culture

Economics & Deregulation | Chris Berg
The Drum 20th April, 2016

It's not really a surprise that two-thirds of voters support Labor's royal commission into banking, as the Fairfax/Ipsos poll found yesterday....

Company taxes are an expensive burden on the economy

Economics & Deregulation | Sinclair Davidson
Australian Financial Review 19th April, 2016

There seems to be a concerted effort to dissuade the Turnbull government from lowering the company tax rate in next month's budget. We've seen...

ABCC row a distraction from the main game

Work Reform and Productivity Unit | Aaron Lane
Sydney Morning Herald 18th April, 2016

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has shown courage and ambition by threatening a double dissolution election if the Senate fails to restore the...

Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal costs more than it saves

Work Reform and Productivity Unit | Mikayla Novak
On Line Opinion 18th April, 2016

Political promises to abolish the truck industry regulator responsible for pricing drivers out of work won't alleviate hardships felt today. As...

Tax havens a sign of government fiscal mismanagement

Ideas & Liberty | Mikayla Novak
Canberra Times 16th April, 2016

The Panama Papers tax revelations are more an indictment of government fiscal mismanagement than has been publicly acknowledged. Who, until...

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