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Changes Could Reduce Reoffending For Low-Risk Criminals

Legal Rights Project | Andrew Bushnell
The Sydney Morning Herald 16th May, 2017

The NSW government continues to lead the way on innovative criminal justice policy. Having last year committed $3.8 billion to new and improved...

Best Way To Make Markets More Competitive Lies In Legislating To Cut Red Tape

Economics & Deregulation | Morgan Begg
The Australian 12th May, 2017

Competition is a natural feature of a free market. The idea that the way to increase competition is to strengthen competition laws is naive and...

No Contest Of Ideas Just A Grubby Fight For Votes

Economics & Deregulation | Simon Breheny
The Australian 12th May, 2017

For years, legitimate questions have been raised over what the modern Labor Party stands for. Following the 2017 budget, those same questions now...

This Budget Ends The Liberal Age

Economics & Deregulation | John Roskam
Australian Financial Review 12th May, 2017

Maybe it's time to acknowledge what in recent years has become obvious, and what was confirmed on budget night. A unique period in Australia's...

Budget 2017: Energy Policy's Gushing Wounds Won't Be Fixed With A Mop And Bucket

Energy | Brett Hogan
The Spectator Australia 12th May, 2017

If you had a wound that was gushing blood onto the floor and your doctor prescribed a mop and bucket, you'd ask where he got his practicing...

Turnbull And Trump Showed We Were Allies, Now To Work Together On China

Trade & IP Unit | Andrew Shearer
Australian Financial Review 8th May, 2017

Relief may be Malcolm Turnbull's overwhelming emotion as he settles back for the long flight home from New York before a crucial budget. Returning...

Let's Put People In Charge Of Their Own Super

Economics & Deregulation | Brett Hogan
The Spectator Australia 5th May, 2017

Imagine if your boss called you into their office to tell you they had decided who you could bank with. Or your private telephone or electricity...

What Part Of Free Speech Does Not Liberty Victoria Understand?

Freedom of Speech | Morgan Begg
The Spectator Australia 4th May, 2017

Liberty Victoria's decision to reward Gillian Triggs with its annual Voltaire Award is a perfect example of the left's perverse interpretation of...

Reality Is 'The Rich' Do Pay Their Fair Share

Economics & Deregulation | Sinclair Davidson
Daily Telegraph 4th May, 2017

It is pre-budget silly season again. You know, the time of year when we get to hear all of the good -reasons why government should spend more...

Why Should Everyone Else Pay For Your Expensive University Degree?

Education | John Slater
Daily Telegraph 3rd May, 2017

Australian students have the immense privilege of being able to attend a world-class university regardless of their bank balance, or family...

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