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Jennifer Marohasy

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Jennifer Marohasy is a Senior Fellow at the Institute of Public Affairs.

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Rainfall forecasts should be benchmarked

MEDIA RELEASE | Jennifer Marohasy

The Bureau of Meteorology uses general circulation models underpinned by the theory of anthropogenic global warming as a basis for its weather and climate forecasts. According to Institute of Public Affairs Senior Fellow, Dr Jennifer Marohasy,...

Competition in Climate Science

IPA REVIEW ARTICLE | Jennifer Marohasy

The classical liberal, like the ordinary Australian, has a general aversion to revolutionary change. This is justified in the spheres of politics and economics. When it comes to science, however, history shows that it is principally through...

Imposing our preferences on whaling cultures

IPA REVIEW ARTICLE | Jennifer Marohasy

Few issues illustrate how subjective beliefs about morality distorts environmental debate more than the issue of whaling. Many environmentalists claim to be simply advocates for the sustainable use of resources; they claim that they are not in...

What's happening to the Murray River

FACTS | Jennifer Marohasy

The Murray River is Australia's longest river, and together with its tributary, the Darling River, drains an area known as the Murray Darling Basin. The region has historically received only 6 per cent of Australia's annual rainfall but produced...

Misbehaving models and missing mammals

IPA REVIEW ARTICLE | Jennifer Marohasy

Jennifer Marohasy reviews Science and Public Policy: The Virtuous Corruption of Virtual Environmental Science by Aynsley Kellow. In 2000 the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) claimed a species of Cambodian mountain goat,...

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Intent as the enemy of truth

Food & Environment | Jennifer Marohasy
Online Opinion 9th January, 2017

At the beginning of each new year, we are encouraged to make some new resolution, or other. The idea is usually to seek to improve on our current...

Homogenised temperatures, and planning for bushfires

Climate Change | Jennifer Marohasy
On Line Opinion 1st September, 2016

How hot was it at Rutherglen on Black Friday? Black Friday was that tragic day - 13 January 1939 - when a firestorm swept across Victoria...

Brian Cox confused on more than global temperatures

Climate Change | Jennifer Marohasy
On Line Opinion 18th August, 2016

Celebrity physicist Brian Cox misled the ABC TV Q&A audience on at least 3 points-of-fact on Monday night. This is typical of the direction...

Comprehensive reef protection plan could begin with Science Ombudsman

Climate Change | Jennifer Marohasy
On Line Opinion 14th June, 2016

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has just announced a $1 billion plan to protect the Great Barrier Reef. He describes the plan as the "largest ever"...

Pause in global temperatures ended but carbon dioxide not the cause

Climate Change | Jennifer Marohasy
On Line Opinion 21st March, 2016

There are different methods for measuring global temperatures. The satellite record as compiled by meteorologists from the University of Alabama,...