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John Hyde

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Emeritus Fellow

A former Liberal Federal MP, Executive Director of the Australian Institute for Public Policy and of the IPA itself, John rejoined the IPA on a part-time basis in January 1998.

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Project Western Australia: A Growth and Productivity Agenda for the Next Government

BOOK | John Hyde and Andrew Pickford

The need for sound economic reform never ends. But there has never been a more important time than now. In this important volume, John Hyde and Andrew Pickford pull together the most important priorities for the next government of...

Cato's letter 1: The grand old paradigm


  The Global Financial Crisis-first the US housing bubble, then the failure of investors to understand the instruments they bought, and then many authorities in many counties insuring that private investors did not bear the consequences of...

Selections from A Political Rakes Progress


Constituents Make yourself seen by knocking every door. Reject that offer of a paramour. Well, press their interests in the Parliament And never ever cross the folk you represent. For so say they: so says your party too. Both claim your...

Tomorrow's Reform


When reasoned defence of our successful institutions gives way to Chavinism and vested interests, the prospects for continuing reform are bleak.

Tea Break or Mad Hatter's Tea Party?


In a globalized world, there is no excuse for a 'tea-break' from reform- our security, broadly defined, depends on it being maintained and extended.

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What now?

Economics & Deregulation, Ideas & Liberty and The Global Financial Crisis | John Hyde
25th February, 2009

A substantial majority of those with the most relevant skills (macro-economists of good standing) have advocated fiscal stimulus financed by public...

Pipeline could end up down the gurgler

| John Hyde
The Australian 8th February, 2005

Whether West Australian Opposition Leader Colin Barnett knew that he had chosen the 100th anniversary of Ayn Rand's birth to announce a vision that...

The Big Dry ... Our Saviour

| John Hyde
The Australian 10th December, 2002

Australia is today's true miracle economy. In the past decade, our economy has gone from strength to strength. After weathering the 1997-98 Asian...

How to Beat the Dealers

| John Hyde
The Age 30th October, 2001

A recent article in The Economist told us that a kilo of heroin, 40 per cent pure, sells on the streets for up to US$290,000 and that import prices...

Nothing to Fear from Genetically-Modified Tomato Paste but Fear Itself

| John Hyde
Courier Mail 8th June, 1999

Among its budget measures, the Federal Government announced that it will establish the grandiloquent Office of Gene Technology Regulator. Amid all...