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Matthew Lesh

Portrait of Matthew Lesh

Research Fellow, Future of Freedom Program

Matthew Lesh is a Research Fellow, Future of Freedom Program, at the Institute of Public Affairs.

Before joining the IPA, Matthew worked for state and federal parliamentarians, as well as in digital communications and campaigning. He also founded, and sold, an iOS application development start-up.

Matthew graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Bachelor of Arts (Degree with Honours), in Politics and International Studies. While at University he served as a Students' Councillor, as well as on the executives of the Australasian Union of Jewish Students and the Australian Liberal Students' Federation.

Matthew has been published in The Age, The Spectator Australia, The Drum, The Punch, and Online Opinion, and appeared on ABC News 24, 3AW, 2UE, 2GB, The Australian, Herald Sun, The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, The Guardian, Yahoo!7 News, and SBS news.


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