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Mikayla Novak

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Adjunct Fellow

Dr Mikayla Novak is a Adjunct Fellow with the Institute of Public Affairs. She has previously worked for Commonwealth and State public sector agencies, including the Commonwealth Treasury and Productivity Commission. Mikayla was also previously advisor to the Queensland Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Her opinion pieces have been published in The Australian, Australian Financial Review, The Age, and the Courier Mail, on issues ranging from state public finances to social services reform.

Areas of expertise: Public finance, government administration and bureaucracy, education policy, health policy, welfare and social policy

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Bourgeois Equality


Patchy signs of economic recovery in Australia and the rest of the Western World aside, these last few years could be best described in economic terms as a persistent ‘Great Exhaustion'. The uninspiring tale of the tape can be gleaned from...

Submission to the Productivity Commission Draft Report of the Regulation of Agriculture

SUBMISSION | Darcy Allen, Chris Berg, Mikayla Novak and Daniel Wild

The Institute of Public Affairs (IPA) welcomes this Productivity Commission Draft report (henceforth the ‘Draft') on the Regulation of Agriculture and encourages the focus on the impact of regulation and red tape on this primary industry....

IPA: Superannuation Tax Hikes Should Be Replaced By Spending Cuts

MEDIA RELEASE | Mikayla Novak

The Turnbull government should cut government spending or delay the introduction of its proposed company tax cuts instead of increasing taxes on superannuation says Dr Mikayla Novak, Senior Research Fellow at free market think tank the Institute...

Hung parliament to cost extra 1bn dollars in interest - IPA calls for PBO costing of cross-bench negotiations

MEDIA RELEASE | Mikayla Novak

A hung federal parliament risks a credit rating downgrade and higher interest bills on national public debt, according to free market think tank the Institute of Public Affairs. ‘If Australia lost its AAA credit rating the interest rate on...

Miners identify red tape as major development roadblock

MEDIA RELEASE | Mikayla Novak

A new survey of Australian mining industry sentiment indicates that red tape remains one of the major obstacles to mining growth and development, according to free market think tank the Institute of Public Affairs. The Newport Consulting Mining...

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How to defuse the authoritarian populist timebomb

Economics & Deregulation | Mikayla Novak
Canberra Times 17th September, 2016

It is no foregone conclusion that simply giving government more power and money will fix income inequality. Adam Smith once wryly said "there is a...

A shift in monetary policy won't work miracles

Economics & Deregulation | Mikayla Novak
Canberra Times 5th September, 2016

A nominal GDP target for central banks isn't without merit, but a monetary fix won't be a cure-all for our economic problems. Given these chaotic...

Still a strong case for keeping privatisation in the reform tool kit

Economics & Deregulation | Mikayla Novak
Canberra Times 22nd August, 2016

Despite recent concerns raised by the head of Australia's competition watchdog, privatisation remains a viable reform option. Even though it has...

Look to New Zealand to help people on long-term welfare

Economics & Deregulation | Mikayla Novak
Canberra Times 5th August, 2016

In recent weeks a flurry of political announcements has been made to the effect the federal government intends to reshape the welfare system as we...

Cutting red tape that binds mining

Economics & Deregulation | Mikayla Novak
Courier Mail 3rd August, 2016

To secure Queensland's mining future, cutting onerous red tape must be a key reform priority. Given the outlook for economic development in China,...