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Morgan Begg

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Researcher and Editor, FreedomWatch

Morgan Begg is a Researcher in the Legal Rights Project and Editor of FreedomWatch at the Institute of Public Affairs. Morgan is currently completing a Bachelor of Laws at La Trobe University.

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The Growth Of Federal Environmental Law 1971 To 2016


Red tape costs the Australian economy at least $176 billion, or 11 per cent of GDP, each year in foregone economic output. Environmental red tape and regulation in particular has grown significantly in recent decades. This report provides an...

Legal Rights Audit 2016

OCCASIONAL PAPER | Morgan Begg and Simon Breheny

This report was authored by Simon Breheny and Morgan Begg, with assistance from Jake Fraser This report illustrates the ongoing erosion of legal rights that persists in Australia. This has been measured by an analysis of the content of all...


IPA REVIEW ARTICLE | Morgan Begg and Simon Breheny

Debate over the constitutional recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders has consumed Australia's political class for almost a decade. Ever since former Prime Minister John Howard promised to recognise indigenous Australians in the...

Legal rights audit 2015


This report illustrates the increasing regulatory burden, and the extent to which legal rights continue to be breached in new laws passed every year. This has been measured by assessing the volume and content of all legislation passed by the...

Failure of Lomborg centre a victory for censorship: IPA


The Turnbull government's decision to abandon funding for Bjorn Lomborg's Australia Consensus Centre reveals the dire state of academic freedom in Australia, according to free market think tank the Institute of Public Affairs. "This is a victory...

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Best Way To Make Markets More Competitive Lies In Legislating To Cut Red Tape

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The Australian 12th May, 2017

Competition is a natural feature of a free market. The idea that the way to increase competition is to strengthen competition laws is naive and...

What Part Of Free Speech Does Not Liberty Victoria Understand?

Freedom of Speech | Morgan Begg
The Spectator Australia 4th May, 2017

Liberty Victoria's decision to reward Gillian Triggs with its annual Voltaire Award is a perfect example of the left's perverse interpretation of...

18c: Not Perfect, But A Pretty Good Start

Freedom of Speech | Morgan Begg
The Spectator Australia 22nd March, 2017

The Turnbull government's proposed changes to section 18c don't go all the way, but they're a pretty good start. Yesterday, Prime Minister Malcolm...

Fake News Meets 18C

Freedom of Speech | Morgan Begg
The Spectator Australia 1st March, 2017

Earlier this month Professor Andrew Jakubowitz of the taxpayer-created Cyber Racism and Community Resilience Research Group attempted to debunk a...

Picking Judges

Legal Rights Project | Morgan Begg
The Spectator Australia 18th February, 2017

President Donald Trump and congressional Democrats in the United States are about to engage in political warfare about who will be their next...