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Richard Allsop

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Senior Fellow

Richard Allsop is a Senior Fellow at the Institute of Public Affairs.

He has previously worked for state and federal government ministers including being Chief of Staff to the two Transport Ministers in the Kennett Government. Other roles include being Director - Government Relations for The Agenda Group, a Senior Associate at Globe Communications and on the board of the Public Transport Ombudsman.

In 2007, Richard completed a study of the results of the privatisation of public transport services in Victoria. He has written for a range of publications including The Australian, The Age and Spectator Australia; has co-authored two books of football history; is currently undertaking a PhD in history on "The works of Geoffrey Blainey" and has worked on the Nine Network's election night coverage since 1993.

Areas of expertise: transport, privatisation and infrastructure; gambling; Australian political and social history; "Foundations of Western Civilisation" program.


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