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Why Section 487 Must Go

VIDEO | Institute of Public Affairs

Section 487 holds back our economy, our environment and global development. It must be repealed. The IPA's Daniel Wild explains why: Click here to view.

The Impact of the Prohibitive Cost of Building in Victoria


On Wednesday 30 November 2016, the Australian Senate passed the Building and Construction Industry (Improving Productivity) Bill. The main object of the Bill is to: "...provide an improved workplace relations framework for building work to ensure...

IPA: Construction Costs In Melbourne Sky High

MEDIA RELEASE | Gideon Rozner

Construction and labour costs in Melbourne are among the highest in the world, second only to places like New York, according to a new research paper The Impact of the prohibitive cost of building in Victoria by the free market think tank the...

How Red Tape Almost Killed Me


To be told you are suffering from terminal cancer is a traumatic experience in itself. Discovering that life-saving medicine is beyond your reach because of government red tape is devastating. Yet this is the reality facing so many cancer patients...

IPA: Australia Must Follow United States And Cut Tape


"President Donald Trump announced today that his Administration will significantly reduce red tape on job creating businesses. Australia must implement serious reforms to reduce the $176 billion cost red tape is imposing on our economy, or we will...

The punishment must fit the crime, not the criminal

MEDIA RELEASE | Andrew Bushnell

Today Institute of Public Affairs Research Fellows Andrew Bushnell and Darcy Allen presented at the Senate, Economics References Committee Inquiry into criminal, civil and administrative penalties for white collar crime. IPA research released this...

IPA research indicates need for criminal justice reform

MEDIA RELEASE | Andrew Bushnell

"Australia's overuse of prison is failing to keep the community safe from crime by wasting resources that could be better spent elsewhere in the criminal justice system," said Andrew Bushnell, Research Fellow at the free market think tank, the...

Submission to the Productivity Commission Draft Report of the Regulation of Agriculture

SUBMISSION | Darcy Allen, Chris Berg, Mikayla Novak and Daniel Wild

The Institute of Public Affairs (IPA) welcomes this Productivity Commission Draft report (henceforth the ‘Draft') on the Regulation of Agriculture and encourages the focus on the impact of regulation and red tape on this primary industry....

Submission to Ride Sourcing Inquiry


The IPA submits that the only objective of legislative action should be reducing regulatory barriers to entrepreneurs developing new approaches to public transport, such as ride-sharing. Currently, such an objective benefits riders and drivers...

Productivity Commission Draft Report into Agriculture Red Tape Welcome


"Australian agriculture is worth over $50 billion each year to this country, but it is shackled by unnecessary and burdensome red tape," said IPA research fellow Darcy Allen. These comments come after the release today of the Productivity...

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