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IPA: LNP Leading Australia With Red Tape Reduction Plan


The Queensland Opposition's plan to cut red tape by committing to a 20% red tape reduction target is a strong policy. However, more should be done such as through implementing a one-in-two-out approach to regulatory reduction, according to free...

IPA: Bank Tax Is An Arbitrary Abuse Of Government Power

MEDIA RELEASE | Evan Mulholland

"The bank tax is an unconscionable violation of the Coalition government's low tax principles. All taxes are paid for by workers, consumers, and shareholders. The bank tax is no exception. It must not go ahead," says Daniel Wild, research fellow...

IPA: Turnbull Government Makes Wrong Choices On Taxes And Spending


"This Budget lacks the ambition needed to fix the deep structural problems with our national economy and finances. Taxes will continue to rise, and government will remain too big", said Daniel Wild, research fellow with the free market think tank...

Reducing Red Tape In Australia - One In Two Out Rule


Red tape costs the Australian economy $176 billion, 11 per cent of GDP, each year in foregone economic output. Similarly, in the US red tape is estimated to cost $2 trillion annually, or 12 per cent of GDP.1 On 30 January 2017, the Trump...

Australia Needs A One In Two Out Rule


Today the Institute of Public Affairs released a new research report, Reducing Red Tape in Australia: ‘One in, Two Out' Rule. The research found Australia would have 107,885 fewer pages of regulation and 6,990 fewer rules today if a...

Placing GST On Online Purchases Is A Tax Increase Which Will Place Australian Consumers At Risk

MEDIA RELEASE | Chris Berg and Sinclair Davidson

"The government's plan to impose GST on goods purchased from foreign online retailers is a tax increase and should be rejected by the parliament", said Dr Chris Berg. Dr Berg and Professor Sinclair Davidson, RMIT economists and senior fellows at...

Australian Taxation Office Vindicates IPA Research And Admits Corporate Tax Avoidance Is Relatively Modest


"Comments made today by the Tax Commissioner Chris Jordan that corporate tax avoidance is a minor issue vindicate Institute of Public Affairs research", said Chris Berg, postdoctoral fellow at RMIT and senior fellow at the Institute of Public...

Business Investment In Australia Now Lower Than Under Whitlam


Business investment in Australia is 12.2% of GDP and is forecast to fall to a record low nine per cent of GDP by 2020, according to Macquarie Research. During the Whitlam era of economic crisis business investment averaged 13.7% of GDP.

Minor Party Voters Fed Up With Red Tape

MEDIA RELEASE | Evan Mulholland

Fifty-two per cent of minor party voters believe Australia is over-regulated, according to an Essential Research poll released on 14 February 2017. "This is clear evidence that minor party voters are fed up with the burden imposed by red tape and...

New Research Program To Improve Policy Advice

MEDIA RELEASE | Simon Breheny

This week the Institute of Public Affairs launched its new Parliamentary Research Brief Program which will provide concise analysis on topical issues direct to parliamentarians. "The program builds on what the IPA has always been about:...

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