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Oxfam report - Right problem, wrong solution


Oxfam Australia's new report Powering Up Against Poverty correctly diagnoses the problem facing the developing world of a lack of access to the electricity grid but prescribes the wrong solution, according to Brett Hogan, Director of Energy and...

Share income tax, don't increase GST: IPA


Rather than increasing the GST, Australia's political leaders should agree at their summit tomorrow to implement ‘The Hendy Plan' to share existing income tax revenues with the states, according to Brett Hogan, Director of Energy and...

Australia's universities do not teach Australia's British origins


Only 15 out of the 739 history subjects taught in Australian universities and tertiary institutions in 2014 covered British history, according to a new report from the Institute of Public Affairs. The full report, The End Of History...In...

Andrews, Baird wrong on tax: IPA


Calls from Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews and NSW Premier Mike Baird to raise the tax burden on Australians should be ignored, according to Brett Hogan, Director of Energy and Innovation Policy at free market think tank the Institute of Public...

The end of history... in Australian universities

OCCASIONAL PAPER | Chris Berg and Stephanie Forrest

Undergraduate history degrees in Australia fail to teach fundamental aspects of Australia's history and how Australian liberal democracy came to be. Instead, they offer a range of disconnected subjects on narrow themes and issues focusing on...

Union influence over ALP is a handbrake on reform: new report

MEDIA RELEASE | James Paterson

The institutional influence of the union movement in the Australian Labor Party is a handbrake on reform, according to a new report released today by the free market think tank the Institute of Public Affairs. "Economic reform is being stifled by...

Unions in Labor: A handbrake on reform

OCCASIONAL PAPER | James Paterson and Patrick Hannaford

The disproportionate level of union influence in Australian politics acts as a handbrake on reform. This influence is caused by the deep institutional links between the union movement and the ALP. It has both caused and been reinforced by the...

OECD call to tax coal makes no sense


The OECD's call to increase taxes on coal is a deeply disappointing development from what is supposed to be the world's leading economic organisation, according to free market think tank the Institute of Public Affairs. In two reports released in...

New report reveals missing 129 billion in infrastructure spending

MEDIA RELEASE | Mikayla Novak

New research released today by the Institute of Public Affairs shows that the increase in federal government debt since the global financial crisis was misspent. The research reveals that whilst the federal government borrowed $266 billion between...

Canberra's debt problem: Where's the money gone?


Public sector borrowing has been directed toward current consumption and transfers, harming our longer term growth prospects. In real terms if federal general government infrastructure spending was fully funded by borrowing, there would have been...

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