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Submission to the Editorial Review of ABC Business Coverage

SUBMISSION | Brett Hogan

The ABC, as the nation's largest public broadcaster, with a significant television, radio and online presence in all major media markets throughout metropolitan and regional Australia, plays an important role in setting the news, current affairs...

Mark Steyn on Freedom

VIDEO | Mark Steyn

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What politicians need to know about negative gearing

OCCASIONAL PAPER | Sinclair Davidson

Low and middle income earners benefit most from negative gearing. To abolish negative gearing would make investment more difficult for low and middle income earners. 80 per cent of Australians who utilise negative gearing have an income of under...

80 per cent of Australians who negatively gear have incomes below 150000 dollars

MEDIA RELEASE | Sinclair Davidson

  Contrary to recent assertions, the true median income of Australians utilising negative gearing is just $88,751, according to new research by the free market think tank the Institute of Public Affairs.   The report, What politicians...

Rainfall forecasts should be benchmarked

MEDIA RELEASE | Jennifer Marohasy

The Bureau of Meteorology uses general circulation models underpinned by the theory of anthropogenic global warming as a basis for its weather and climate forecasts. According to Institute of Public Affairs Senior Fellow, Dr Jennifer Marohasy,...

Nuclear Royal Commission wrong on nuclear power


While the Tentative Findings of South Australia's Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission in regard to mining and waste storage are welcome, its recommendations on nuclear power are disappointing, according to free market think tank the Institute of...

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