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Norths needs ignored

Townsville Bulletin 12/08/2011 OPINION: Hugh Tobin, Director, North Australia Project, Institute of Public Affairs For too long Australia has overlooked the North and the region remains undeniably underdeveloped as a result. The recent federal budget relies heavily on the resource sector to get into surplus yet shows no vision for the future of the industry. …

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Ban reflects lack of vision

Northern Miner 09/08/2011 Elizabeth Griffiths, North Australia Project, Institute of Public Affairs The live cattle export ban is a reflection of the lack of vision and local knowledge of our politicians. The needs of Northern Australia and its inhabitants have been ignored since federation. Australia, a land that prides itself on an independent and rural …

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Northern Exposure

Australian Mining Magazine – Aug 2011 Hugh Tobin, Director, North Australia Project, Institute of Public Affairs Despite the hype surrounding the mining boom. Australia is fast becoming an unattractive destination for new major projects. Once the first choice for investors and buyers of commodities from iron ore to copper, emerging nations are now looking to …

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Letter of the day: Time for a new northern vision

The NT News: Letter of the day. The federal Budget lacked a vision for the economic development of the Northern Territory or northern Australia as a whole. While funding to address the skills shortage was welcome, it will not be enough. What Australia needs is…  http://www.ipa.org.au/images/PUBAFF 27.pdf

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Scott Morrison: Population changes

Since 1944 the Federal Parliamentary Liberal Party has been dominated by two figures, Sir Robert Menzies and John Howard. Between them they have led our party for more than half its life. For Menzies the task was to realise the post war dream of stability and certainty. It was to restore a brave generation to …

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Tim Wilson: Unleash the north

Northern Australia’s potential is being wasted. The northern half of Australia is used for precious little, other than grazing cattle and as a backdrop for the film industry. It is a neglected and under-utilised area that lies so close to Australia’s key export markets in South East, Central and Northern Asia. So how can we …

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